Call Centre Manager


In a call centre, managers are responsible for leading and developing operations, teams and infrastructure. They are in charge of defining the needs of the site and of foreseeing potential problems, both economic and staff related.

To clients, these “lead managers” guarantee the achievement of quantitative (number of calls per hour) and qualitative objectives (speed of service, advisor efficiency) for the centre. Depending on how the call centre is set up, managers may be asked to drum up new business in person. Employee stimulation and motivation are also part of the job. Yes, you got it, their tasks are many and their time is limited!

To sum up, managers are the main people responsible for the smooth operation of a call centre, while making sure that the company’s rules and values are observed. As opposed to many call centre employees, managers almost always work full time.


To become a manager, you must usually have a degree combined with a successful professional background. Demonstrated experience in human resources management and in the management of a profit centre (especially in telemarketing) is a major asset. Recruiters appreciate someone who has previously worked in a call centre and who is thoroughly familiar with issues in this field. In Quebec, bilingualism is required.

Regardless of your experience, you should have proven managerial skills and an ability to motivate a team. You always give your all to surpass your targets and to develop new projects.


  • Leadership
  • Natural authority
  • Sense of initiative
  • Organization skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Resistance to stress network