Telemarketers are outbound call specialists. Their work involves contacting potential customers to sell them goods and services. In a few minutes, or seconds, agents must be able to determine their callers’ needs using a series of targeted questions. The goal is to convince customers the product being promoted is a “must-have,” and especially to close the sale. 

In the call centre sector, telemarketing is recognized as being one of the most difficult jobs to do. Agents may be perceived as “intrusive” by callers, who are not necessarily willing to listen to the pitch. Let’s be honest—refusals are numerous! However, working in this field does allow you to develop iron-clad persuasion skills, which will be a major asset for moving into other types of sales jobs.

Telemarketers work full time or part time. Some are commission based. Their schedules are arranged based on the availability of people to be contacted. Centres that target residential customers are particularly busy evenings and weekends, while those for businesses operate during the day.


The first few seconds of conversation between the telemarketer and the potential customer determine the success of the call, and thus of the sale. To maximize your chances, you should therefore have excellent communication skills. 

You have a proven ability to exceed targets and strong persuasion skills. For you, selling a product is a challenge to be tackled.

You are always specific and polite. No question of blabbering or getting flustered with customers!

As for education, a high school diploma is a minimum, with training in sales techniques or business a big asset. Finally, many telemarketing centres in Quebec require bilingualism.


  • Interpersonal skills
  • Active listening skills
  • Specific in your speech
  • Calm in your manner
  • Sense of initiative
  • Self-confidence network