Frequently Asked Questions

How can I modify my job alert?

You can only modify your job alert through the email used to sign up for the service, or through the job alert itself. If you haven’t received an email, let us know and we’ll send you another one as soon as possible.

Can I send you my CV?

No, is not a placement agency. You must apply directly on the site where you found the job offer.

How are job offers classified on

By when they were received, with the most recent offers at the top of the list. Job offers can also be viewed by employment category and geographical region through the “Advanced search” page.

Some job offers are several weeks old. Are they still good? continually checks the link validity. If the offer is indexed, it means it is still available for viewing on the employer’s or the agency’s site. Job offers that are several weeks old are just as good as more recent postings. If the offer is still posted, it’s probably because the company hasn’t yet found the perfect candidate or sometimes, because the announcer has forgotten to remove it. Please let us know if this is the case.

Why does the time to display a job description vary so much?

It depends on the loading speed of the site where the job is posted.

Is it free?

Yes, it is free for candidates to use our sites with no hidden costs or breach of privacy.
No, it is not free for employers to reach our specific pools of candidates. Well defined, talented audiences have a cost to build and maintain. network