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The Qualities of the Financial Services Adviser

The digital revolution has drastically altered the role of client advisers in financial institutions and has revealed the need for new skills by candidates. What are they? The ability to provide computer support The internet has increased the possibility for clients to carry out certain banking operations themselves. Advisers are more and more being called […]


Fatal Customer Service Errors

Working in a call centre and being assigned to customer service tasks means having the opportunity every day to commit these fatal errors… What are they and how do you avoid them? Making discriminatory comments Every customer must be considered in the same way and benefit from the same treatment. Also, agents must never make […]


Is telemarketing still effective?

What’s the point of telemarketing in a digital age, when fewer and fewer people answer their telephone? Now less a sales tool than a communications channel with regular customers, telemarketing more than ever emphasizes the human factor. “Would you be interested, sir, in learning about our new product that is adapted to your needs?” This […]

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Working in a Call Centre, the Ideal Job to Make Ends Meet

Flexible hours, attractive salaries, reduced drudgery – working in a call centre has several advantages for people looking for extra income. Adapted schedules Whether you want to work part time or full time, the main advantage of working in a call centre is the time flexibility that it offers. For Ernst, a 25-year-old student who […]

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Working at 911 – Emergency Services Dispatcher Job

Emergency services dispatchers, responsible for receiving 911 calls and dispatching ambulance, police and fire services, are in great demand in many call centres across Canada. Focus on the training and hiring context of this profession. The job of emergency services dispatcher offers an exceptional placement rate, but it is important to know that many positions […]

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The Benefits of Working for a Small Call Centre

Call centres often employ a large pool of staff in order to meet the needs of their customers. Yet there are small call centres with only a hundred employees, a smaller scale that has its share of benefits. Humark Telecom is the perfect example of a small call centre. Founded in 2013 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, the […]

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Customer Loyalty – How to Obtain it

Points cards, attractive discounts, targeted promotional emails – some merchants bring out the heavy artillery to build customer loyalty. Is providing unequaled customer experience sufficient to accomplish this? Here’s how to go about it, with simple and practical actions. A company’s success obviously depends on its ability to attract new customers, to renew itself and to […]

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Managing an Unhappy Customer on the Phone

The art of customer service is put to good use when it comes to managing a furious customer. Keys for having the right attitude. A positive attitude. According to Sébastien Leblanc, specialist in company training and coaching, “saying what you can do, and not what you can’t do” is the key to good customer service. […]

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Newcomers — Call Centres for Restarting Your Career in Canada?

For newcomers to Canada, call centres are full of opportunities to attack the job market. But do immigrants have to have experience in the field to find a job? Whether it is for a bank, a telephone operator or an insurer, call centres open their doors to people from all walks of life. “It’s a […]

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5 Tips for Handling a Complaint Well

Every company has to face management of complaints. Of course, having to respond to a dissatisfied customer is not the easiest part of customer service. Yet by applying certain strategies, you will avoid the worst and even succeed in maintaining a good relationship with your customers. To talk to us about it, who could be […]

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Telephone Interviewer Job Description

A view of the city, exercise rooms and video games to unwind…  It must be admitted that call centres have gotten a makeover in the last 10 years. But behind the image, has the job of telephone interviewer also evolved? Quick peek. Despite the opportunities offered by new technologies, the nature of the job has […]

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Call Centre – Much More than Just a Telephone Operator!

There is a tendency to believe that call centre workers are condemned to talking on the phone in a depressing cubicled office. But actually, call centres offer a pleasant environment and many (and lucrative) career opportunities. “There has been a relatively negative image of call centres since the 1990s, but we have been trying to […] network