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Customer Account Representative

November 4 2019
Industries Airspace, Aviation, National Defence
Categories Customer Service, Call Centres, Aerospace, Aviation, Airport, Customer service, Customer Services (airport & call centre)
Dorval, QC

Customer Account Representative

Essential Turbines Inc. is looking to fill a position as a Customer Account Representative. The candidate must be energetic, resourceful, customer focused, able to understand the fast-paced dynamics of the aviation industry and a good communicator written and verbally.

It is imperative that the candidate can anticipate needs and communicate by asking the right questions helping ETI to forecast and prepare for future work as well as providing the customer with answers to questions not yet asked. We do not want the customer chasing information.

The responsibilities include, but are not limited to, regularly contacting customers to provide status updates for projects, ensuring customer satisfaction before, during and after in-house repairs and relaying feedback to management/production. The role also consists of compiling work order packages, reviewing and updating component historical records, processing parts orders and assisting in coordinating shipments. The candidate's goal must be to build and deepen the customers' relationships with Essential Turbines and promote the best customer support experience within the industry.


  1. Create planned arrivals with any special instructions
  2. Generate project WO's
    1. Open traveller
      1. Provide pertinent details for workscope/estimating
    2. Email production
    3. Email customer
  3. Regularly update the customer when work is in-house
  4. Send estimate to customer (not generate estimate)
  5. Email job approval to production with any special instructions
  6. Follow-up with "on hold" jobs – inquire about reasons for delays?
  7. Respond to customer enquiries
    1. Updates
    3. Troubleshooting?? – pass onto appropriate personnel
  8. Complete WO's
    1. Review payment terms before shipping
      1. Action through accounting the sending invoice & wire info before a unit is ready (as needed)
    2. Update log cards
    3. Obtain special shipping instructions
    4. Create shipping docs
    5. Provide tracking information to customer
    6. Complete WO traveller
  9. Generate customer sales orders
    1. Provide tracking information to customer​

Responsibilities con't:

  1. Follow up with customers after returning a repaired unit (2 weeks after)
    1. Provide pertinent feedback internally
      1. Issues
      2. Upcoming work
  2. Regularly touch base with customers
    1. Who have not recently sent work - to maintain the relationship
    2. Update production manager with forecasted repairs
      1. Probe customer to see when work may come due, how many hrs flown annually, how many aircraft… get to know the customer
    3. Update QA & management team with customer feedback
  3. Maintain the ETI rental pool – together with ETI asset manager
  4. Generate rental WO's and rental agreements
  5. Participate in weekly production meetings
  6. Review Daily Activity Status to cover all jobs and not let any slip through cracks
  7. Other duties deemed necessary by supervisor

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