Do You Have the Personality Required to Work in a Call Centre?

There are many jobs in call centres and there are numerous offers. Everyone can find their style of job. But do you have the customer service personality to develop in it? Do you have the qualities required to fulfil yourself? Here are the essential qualities to work in the heart of customer service.


This is perhaps the most important quality when you want to work in this type of environment. When you are on the phone chatting with customers, you are the voice of the company you work for. It is therefore essential to maintain a politeness in your relationship with others. This will be felt in the first few minutes the customer is in contact with you. A courteous tone will also have a mirror effect on the people around you.


This is another essential quality for a call centre employee. Quite often you have to be able to manage stress by demonstrating patience at all times. You will often have to deal with situations where it is necessary to distance yourself and calm the customer. A smile in your voice will help to soften the person you are talking to. As the saying goes: “Patience is the mother of all virtues”.


Arrive at the office with a positive attitude, which will snowball on your colleagues and the general atmosphere will certainly not suffer! If you are naturally enthusiastic, your relationship with your office comrades and the solutions you propose to customers will be welcomed better.


It can be said that making positive relationships between people is also an essential quality for this type of job. Looking for team spirit and making sure that everyone is working in harmony in the best atmosphere is an asset for any telemarketing service.

Call centres are changing and no longer match the moribund image of the past. With these qualities, it is only necessary to choose the ideal location to highlight them. Now it’s your turn!

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