Collection Representative


Collection agents are responsible for contacting their employer’s customer(s) by phone to notify them that they have late payments or accounts receivable. They reach arrangements with customers to regularize the situation and set repayment deadlines. If the payment is late, they can cut off the service to customers. As required, they can even initiate legal proceedings against customers. They regularly draft reports and files for accounting purposes.

Collection agents work mainly for banks, public and parapublic institutions and businesses. The work is done in-house or outsourced to specialized companies. Part-time contracts are increasingly common.


A high school diploma is all that is required for most call centre collection agent jobs. Nevertheless, more advanced knowledge in finance and accounting are always handy. You can’t be afraid of working with numbers, because you will be dealing with interest rates every day. Recruiters generally require you to be comfortable using office software. 

In Quebec, bilingualism is required to work for companies with English-speaking customers.


You can communicate clearly, while being firm and persuasive. Faced with potentially conflictual situations, you are calm, patient and respectful. You are thorough in all circumstances, and don’t let your emotions gain the upper hand. Finally, you have excellent teamwork skills. network