Call centre job descriptions

Have a look on the different jobs in the IT industry. Role, evolution, employment opportunities...

HR – Training – Schedule Management

JOB DESCRIPTION In small call centres, these three human resources management tasks are handled directly by the manager and/or supervisor. In companies with dozens or hundreds of agents, they are divided among many professionals. Recruiters are in charge of finding the most suitable people for the positions to be filled in their call centre. These […]


JOB DESCRIPTION Telemarketers are outbound call specialists. Their work involves contacting potential customers to sell them goods and services. In a few minutes, or seconds, agents must be able to determine their callers’ needs using a series of targeted questions. The goal is to convince customers the product being promoted is a “must-have,” and especially […]

Supervisor – Team Leader

JOB DESCRIPTION The job of supervisor involves overseeing, organizing and coordinating the work of call centre interviewers. In charge of managing both operations and staff, these professionals act as an interface between agents and management. On a daily basis, they supervise calls and ensure that set objectives are achieved. They motivate agents and make sure […]

Call Centre Manager

JOB DESCRIPTION In a call centre, managers are responsible for leading and developing operations, teams and infrastructure. They are in charge of defining the needs of the site and of foreseeing potential problems, both economic and staff related. To clients, these “lead managers” guarantee the achievement of quantitative (number of calls per hour) and qualitative […]

Collection Representative

JOB DESCRIPTION Collection agents are responsible for contacting their employer’s customer(s) by phone to notify them that they have late payments or accounts receivable. They reach arrangements with customers to regularize the situation and set repayment deadlines. If the payment is late, they can cut off the service to customers. As required, they can even […]

Surveys and Polls Interviewer

JOB DESCRIPTION Telephone interviewers conduct telephone interviews for marketing research surveys and public opinion polls. Their job is to question members of a given target group to collect information on one or more issues (e.g. buying behaviour, health, politics). To guarantee the transparency of the studies, they use pre-established questionnaires and follow the scripts to […]

Travel Telemarketer

CONTEXT The job of call centre agent or telemarketer—still considered a student job a few years ago—has undergone an upgrade. The level of education required is higher than before, and career opportunities are more numerous. Working conditions remain difficult, however, with a wide range of hours (7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.), weekend work, etc. The […]

Customer Service Representative

JOB DESCRIPTION As specified in the job description, customer service representatives/agents are responsible for answering phone calls from their company’s customers. They listen to, grasp and address the caller’s problems in a timely manner. They perform their tasks following the company’s line of conduct and are polite and courteous with callers. They regularly follow up […]

Technical Support Representative

JOB DESCRIPTION As implied by the name, technical support representatives answer technical questions by phone on the use of a product or service. They use their specialized knowledge to provide customers with personalized assistance. For example, they can guide callers on the steps to follow to repair a breakdown. Often, they simplify complex terms or […] network